Ongoing Maintenance (Datacenter Migration) (Gelöst)
  • Priorität - Kritisch
  • Betreffend Server - Singapore
  • As per our email sent on 5th Nov to all affected clients, today our datacenter is performing a migration of their data center. We will post updates here when we are updated by our datacenter.


    Date: November 10, 2020 
    Time: 14:30 SGT (UTC+08:00) - 22:30 SGT (UTC+08:00) 
    The expected maintenance window will be 8 hours during when your services will face a power interruption. 
    Hostinglah Team

  • Datum - 10/11/2020 16:20 - 28/11/2021 07:01
  • Zuletzt aktualisiert - 10/11/2020 16:23
US 2 Server Outage (Gelöst)
  • Priorität - Kritisch
  • Betreffend Server - US 2
  • Our Datanceter is experience a network outage and are working to fix the issue. Please see below for updates.

    Outage status update: Zayo in transit; Initial indications appear be a major fiber cut. Will post further updates as available.

    Update: Network is restored

  • Datum - 03/01/2016 11:41
  • Zuletzt aktualisiert - 03/01/2016 13:23


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