Dear clients,

As you might have already heard from other providers or in the news that cPanel is changing the way they sell their license, and increasing the price significantly, we (and all other web hosting providers as a whole) are inevitably forced to make changes to our web hosting services and plans, especially on the Reseller and Managed cPanel VPS.

While we are still digesting the news, making calculations and considering options, we won't make any official decisions as of now, but thought that our clients should know about upcoming changes due to the change in cPanel license structure. In short, our cost might see an increase of up to 500%.

To understand what they did, and how they affected the whole hosting industry especially the smaller players, you can read and to see the responses of providers in social media. If you prefer not to read, they were charging a flat price of $15/server before for unlimited accounts to an account based pricing of a base of $45+$0.02/accounts after 100 accounts.

A quick calculation based on a 300 accounts server, when in the past it cost $15/mth for the cPanel license, it now cost $45+(200*0.02)=$85/mth just for the license!

This is terrible news for us as it totally destroyed our business model of providing very affordable web hosting. Thus its inevitable for us and many others to make changes or we will not be able to sustain when the new pricing is billed. The worst thing is that we only have 2 months notice before the new pricing will take effect.

We are still considering several options as of now, which is using a different panel (but plesk is not an option since its also owned by the parent company of cPanel) or increasing price. Either way, we will continue to provide good hosting while keeping the pricing affordable.

We will keep you updated along the way when we have more updates and we hope for your understanding on this matter.

Hostinglah Team

Monday, July 1, 2019

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